No Ads From Past 3 days

I’m from India and I’m using the browser for quite a few months,But Recently from Last 3 days there are literally No ads,Is this related to some restrictions on my Ip adress or something like that ?
Any Help would be really appreciated :blush:


hey dude, even i am from india i am also not getting ads from last few day and i don’t know why i wish they fix the problem soon. :blush:


here is another another indian my 10 friends using they are also not getting adds

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Issue has been solved

With fixing the problem they shoud give us extra notification for the compensation.
It’s not good.
I received atleast 12 notification daily but since three days I didn’t get a single ad.:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I guess maybe it’s not a brave issue. Maybe the advertisers in india ran out of budget ,so they probably paused it :slight_smile:

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: fantastic bhai I am totally agree with you

No ads from last 2 days and i have more than 20 friends but they also not received any ads
Please fix this Asap!

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Yes lol so sad may brave show ads from every region instead of doing partiality to some country users, that they get more rewards for living there rather than other users.
They should know that brave is mostly used by indians.

How much bat every one has now??

I am also not receiving ads in my two phones. From last 3 days and I think this will be the 4th day also …admin give some solutions 🤷

16 Bat Needed 25 to verify wallet :frowning:

haha, what makes you irritating dude. may be they had few issues in the recent version.

I do facing the same since 2days. Hope they will come up with the better resolution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But how much u had in uphold I mean in total

How much every one getting ads daily
I am getting only 10ads a day or less than that

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It is a new issue with ads from 7th july the ads are coming slow.

Ads are coming please check your browser.

Just started recently so 0 in Uphold.

Same here…,…

10 bat need 15 more to varify vallet