Not getting ads for more than 4 days

I have seen in this page my country has 9 advertiser and I used to get ads daily suddenly from the last 3 to 4 days I did not get a single ad.

same in my case also, in my country 17 are presently available and i haven’t received a single ad from past 1 week now. I wrote multiple posts, Dm’d also but no reply from the support team

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Me too. In my country are 6 available and I did not receive any ad since I reseted my wallet(there was a problem and I must to do that)

same case in mine too.

Same here. I was getting around 3 to 4 ads a day for 2 weeks i think. that’s it.
After that i hardly get 1 or 0 ads in a day.
Please help me. Thanks.

same me too please help

Same here… not getting ads anymore… last time I think it was like two months ago… no sure why stopped.

The support here don’t say anything about it, what a shame.

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I also didn’t get a single ad this month…

yes even i am also facing the same kind of issue @steeven

Same here is am also not getting ads for 5 days

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Hi, the same for me, I’m in Serbia, it says there’s 1 advertiser. It’s been about a month that I use Brave, never seen any notifications… Is this only working in USA?

I’ve noticed this a few times where almost whenever there’s a browser update, you get problems with brave ads. Can you guys try creating a new profile and enable brave ads but don’t link it on your uphold account. Just try to see if your new profile gets brave ads normally because that’s what’s happening to me. The usual profile I use rarely gets any brave ads but the new profile I created get brave ads normally. I’ve posted a topic about this and hope that someone from Brave reads it.

The same in NEw york

Also not seeing ads, US here.

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