Not getting ads for more than 4 days

I have seen in this page my country has 9 advertiser and I used to get ads daily suddenly from the last 3 to 4 days I did not get a single ad.

same in my case also, in my country 17 are presently available and i haven’t received a single ad from past 1 week now. I wrote multiple posts, Dm’d also but no reply from the support team

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Me too. In my country are 6 available and I did not receive any ad since I reseted my wallet(there was a problem and I must to do that)

same case in mine too.

Same here. I was getting around 3 to 4 ads a day for 2 weeks i think. that’s it.
After that i hardly get 1 or 0 ads in a day.
Please help me. Thanks.

same me too please help

Same here… not getting ads anymore… last time I think it was like two months ago… no sure why stopped.

The support here don’t say anything about it, what a shame.

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I also didn’t get a single ad this month…

yes even i am also facing the same kind of issue @steeven