No ads for past 48 hours

Has anybody had this issue before? No ads shown at all in the past 48 hours. No recent software update, I’ve relaunched Brave, no other downloads or updates.


NO new BAT today! :frowning:

Yes, having the same issue. I have not seen an Ad since 11/08/2021

i look in this link:

thank you, it says it’s all good! But I still have nothing :sob:

I no longer get ad notifications since last month, but every day I get advertising images

Do you get rewarded in BAT still?

Same here. Ads were turned off and I can’t turn them back on in settings. Links don’t work. I never have received any BAT even when I was able view ads. My browser is updated. Brave shields and ad blockers are turned off. I have never been able to claim BAT. It doesn’t keep my wallet info. I have sought Brave support to help address these issues over and over and over again to no avail. Brave Rewards sucks.

Same for me since I’ve done the update. It was a bit earlier too.

Still not getting any Brave Rewards!

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