No Rewards or ads since January 2022

I know I’ve earned rewards for January, but the option to claim them disappeared. So I’ve earned 0 BAT for January.

Now, I’m no longer getting ads and have earned 0 rewards for February.

I’ve turned Ads on and off. And my settings are set to 10 ads an hour.

Spec info:
macOS Monterey Version 12.1
Brave v. 1.33.106
Unverified wallet

hi @mrs.kimberly.r.ellis have you checked

besides, is your browser up to date? mine is
Version 1.35.103 Chromium: 98.0.4758.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)
– on windows, not sure if windows and mac use the same versions

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Yeah, that’s likely a big issue. 1.33.106 would have been a while back in 2021. It’s had a few updates since, which can cause problems.

Beyond that, I’d make sure you’re checking the article John mentioned. There’s lots of things that can interfere. Overall though, if you’re experiencing issues with Rewards and those updates & basic troubleshooting from the Help Guide linked to you doesn’t work, then I’d suggest you DM @Mattches with your Wallet Info found at brave://rewards-internals as well as a description of the issue you’re having and what you’ve tried doing to resolve it.

Whatever you do, don’t uninstall/reinstall Brave. You’ll lose any BAT you have saved in your browser. Also be advised that Brave Support has had a lot of requests and issues they are handling, so there’s a delay in response. So don’t be surprised it if takes a little time to have them respond or help fix your issue.

I’ve earned BAT during January, but far less then any other previous month. It’s disappointing that things fail at times.

Earning less doesn’t mean anything is wrong/failing. Rates are expected to vary:

You can DM me your information as @Saoiray states and I will be happy to assist you, thanks.