Newest Update Doesn't Work

 YouTube TV doesn't work now after last update.  How do I fix it?

Hey there - I suspect this may be due to not having Widevine installed. We don’t install it by default

Try visiting or and see if a “puzzle piece” shows near the URL bar. Click this and you should be able to install Widevine. Once that’s done, go back to YouTube. It should work as expected

This should be the issue we have tracking it:

YouTube TV works now, but Hulu and NFL Game Pass don’t work. Hulu support told me I’d have to use Chrome, Safari, or Fire Fox. They recommended Chrome. Is there a way to fix Brave so I don’t have to use another browser? Thank you for your help and hope you have a good weekend.

  • Andy Telles

Sorry, I’d just like to confirm that installing Widevine (as @clifton) suggested fixed the YouTube issue? Just curious because generally sites like Hulu and Netflix are solved by installing Widevine.

Can you tell me what errors/behaviors happen when you attempt to go to one of those sites?

Yes sir, Widevine fixed the issue I had with YouTube TV. After I installed Widevine, I checked the other streaming websites I use and discovered that Hulu and NFL Game Pass stopped working.
I can log into Hulu with no problem. When I try to watch a video Hulu tells me that there’s a connection error and that my network disconnected during playblack. I troubleshot, but the same error kept appearing. I contacted Hulu and they said y’all aren’t a preferred browser and advised me to use Chrome, Fire Fox, or Safari.

I can’t log on to NFL Game Pass at all. When I try to log in a “javascript:_auth.processLogin();” message pops up in the bottom left corner of the Brave Browser screen. I sent a request to NFL Game Pass, but I haven’t heard anything back from them yet.

Yes, installing Widevine solved the issue. Thank you!

There should be a setting to install it without having to go to Netflix or Hulu.

Again, thanks a lot!

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