Hulu and Netflix not working at all

I just switched over to the new Brave and when I went to use Hulu I was unable to even click the menu button to login, and I went straight to the login address and I couldn’t click the log in button. I was able to log into Netflix, but I can’t sign out or play any videos. Youtube is working fine, except I’m facing a small issue I’m sure I can solve on my own about logging in, but videos play and I can interact with the site. I am not blocking scripts, I tried turning my shields off, and just messing with the specifics in general to see if I could get it to work, but so far no luck.

Hi, which Brave version do you use?
There is Dev, Beta and Release.

To Netflix:
Try the following

Before I forget, which Brave version do you use?
So not Dev, Beta … but the version number:
The latest one is 0.57.18.
For example, 0.25 is no longer supported, and it is recommended to update.

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