New version of Uphold

I have been using brave rewards for a while now but I’ve just now connected it to uphold and when I did uphold had me make another account for a new version of the website, the problem with brave I have is that on this new version of uphold it does not have brave as a partner nor does it have BAT as a currency, I’m not sure if Uphold did this with or without brave’s knowledge but as it is I can only move BAT onto the old version of uphole and once it is there I can’t move it anywhere else, anything having to do with sending or withdrawing funds is now only available on this new version as said by the website.

Uphold does have a new dash but you should not have had to create a new account for it. Can you please send me a DM with the email you use to login to your Uphold account so I can take a look on my end? If you now have two separate email logins, send both.

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