Giving myself free Brave?

I am suffering from the Brave/Uphold not syncing bug. Will make a separate post for that.

I have neurological issues so please excuse if I miss any info I should provide as I can’t type or read for long and can forget things quite easily.

This issue is, trying to see if I could get a sync to happen I went to add funds and when a new tab for uphold opened (Windows 10 desktop - uphold already open in another browser) I discovered that my total bat increased. I tried again and got more. I clicked withdraw funds and got more.

Is there a log I can send in? This wasn’t bat being synced but my bat holdings being added to. I broke the loop by ctrl+f5 and can no longer do it.

24/11 - bumping hopefully to see if this re-opens and I can get a reply.

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