New version 0.57 feels really bad

I personally really dislike this new version, it feels awful to use from the old one and it practically removed all the features I loved about Brave. My favorite one was when I opened more than 20 tabs, it would create like a mini tab for those 20 browsers tabs I had open. I always have a lot of tabs going so this made it really clean and easy for me, now imagine 400+ tabs squeezed into like 50 or 100. Can’t find any I need without closing them all. My second favorite feature was when I hovered my mouse over a tab, it’d show what was on that Tab, so I could just move my mouse from tab to tab to see which one I needed. Now I have 0 idea what tab is what and if I need to find something I gotta click on every single one until I find the 1 specific one.

This may be good for others but I really dislike this new version, and if possible I’d really like the old one back. it felt overall more useful, clean and easy to use.

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A few things:

  1. If you’re using that many tabs, you may want to use an extension that helps manage them appropriately. Unlike our previous build (which you just upgraded from), Brave Core allows for almost any extension to be installed. See here for how to do so:
  1. The feature you’re describing is the “tab preview” feature. It’s not currently implemented, but its on the board to be! You can see the issue logged for it here:
  1. The new build will certainly feel different, but I’d highly suggest you stick around and try it out for a while. It performs so much better than the Muon build, is more flexible, better web-compatibility, and a ton of other new features/improvements. Have you seen the new Shields panel? :star_struck:
  2. If you do decide you’re not interested in switching over (again, highly suggest you do), your old Brave install should be right where you left it! Muon build is not uninstalled, nor is any of your data overwritten.

I actually second the first feature request @mattches, is there any plan to re-introduce the mini tab thing that appears in the Muon version just below the tabs, it made the tabs more concise and was unique to Brave and it doesn’t seem fitting to install an extension just for that.

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0.57 lead brave become a new Chrome.

We don’t need another Chrome or another Chromium.

Now Brave = Chromium + Shields Plugin + awards Plugin.

Old Brave is not supported anymore. That Brave we like died.


I have mixed feelings about the preview over tab feature.

Parts of me thought it was great but often I hated it when it would keep popping up randomly.
I don’t miss it tbh.

It feels bad because it is bad. 0.57 Brave is the YACC (Yet Another Chrome Clone) version and it is as uninspiring and sad as Firefox 60.x is, which is ALSO YACC now. (They dumped the Gecko engine a few changes back and swapped to the Chromium engine.)

The really sad part is that Brave really had a good opportunity to be the “We aren’t Chrome or Firefox, we are better” browser. But they CANNOT be that while on the Chromium engine. It simply isn’t possible.

If I were to make one request it would be to dump Chromium as a bad mistake and go back to the old engine. MAKE THAT BETTER. Make a Chromium killer. To steal a phrase: Make Brave Great Again.

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Also, you can uninstall the craptastic 0.57 and install 0.25.2 and have old brave back. Note that you will want to rename the “updater.exe” file to something else so it can’t update itself anymore, but this will get you old Brave back.

How do you uninstall newer version? If I cannot I will dump Brave Browser all together.I got sick of FF and tried a few browsers before going with Brave. After the update I do not like it.

Just a note to everyone and anyone reading this, the previous version (Muon) which was a custom fork for Electron is also based on Chromium. Brave has always had Chromium engine under the hood.

And for anyone who says its just another clone of Chrome please read this thread as to why its not.

Please understand Chromium is not Chrome. There are a lot of different things that go into Chrome. Just because the names sound same doesn’t mean both are same. There’s a lot that goes into Chrome which is proprietary to Google and is not part of Chromium. Chrome is a custom build of Chromium distributed by Google.

And finally Brave is not a custom build of Google Chrome. It is a custom build of Chromium Project which are two entirely different things.

I hope this clears the confusion. If you still have confusion please read this article which explains the difference


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