Dragging tabs feels clunky

I have been using Brave for a few days after someone on Reddit recommended it to my in a discussion about the BAT token. And I have to say, it working like a charm. But there is one thing that really annoys me in comparison with Google Chrome, and that’s the handling of the tabs.

In Chrome is feels smooth dragging one tab from my main monitor to my second. It automatically goes full screen and even when dragging one tab from one open Google Chrome to the other it phases perfectly. On Brave I find the dragging of tabs from one browser to another very hard to do. Well not hard per sé, but it annoying me that I have to drag it to a specific spot and its also quite hard to see if it will actually merge or not. Also when dragging a tab to my second monitor it doesn’t go full screen. It does go to the size of full screen, but it doesn’t fill out. It forms where I left the tab.

I would like to see the handling of tabs to be more fluent, like it is in Chrome.

Overall the tabs are my biggest problem with Brave right now. I tend to have a load of tabs open so I drag, close and re-open them constantly. So those small things really get on my nerves after a while.

Hope this helps :smiley:

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Since we’ve made the transition off of Muon, I believe this has been resolved. Closing for now.