Features from old Brave


Hey, aren’t the features from old brave like new session tabs, preview tab on hover, and the private tab with tor(not private window) and the UI coming back to new brave?

Please bring back Session Tabs!

@eljuno another one to +1 in Github


Agreed. I will probably stop using brave if these do not return soon. It just chrome with an ad block extension now.

I also liked how the tabs picked up the color from the top of the webpage. I thought that was clever.


Oh yeah! I forgot all about that tab colouring bit inside the tabs. Do you also remeber you didn’t have to scroll over the address bar to easily click on a tab? :slight_smile:

One thing I’d like to emphasise that many users sort of seem to have forgotten and should realise, is that lets not forget, the older Muon (Electron fork) had a hell-of-a-lot of issues. Some pivotal (non security) ones that were backlogged for over a year which the new Brave-Core (Chromium fork) automatically fixed and there were many more that many of us wouldn’t be able appreciate that were also fixed in this transition.

Nevertheless, here are some other similar issues posted with replies from a senior member that would alleviate many users concerns about the classy Muon version.


Is the new Brave based on Chrome?


Previous and current Brave is based on Chromium. But, prev. Brave used Muon (electron fork) for the UI while the new Brave use Chromium front-end. :slightly_smiling_face: