Tabs on top, PLEASE!

so i’ve been waiting for 2 years now until you add this option, i saw many other people request this, but we still don’t have this option!
It’s the only reason i am not using Brave.
I just made this account to say this, i like the idea of Brave, i use it on my smartphone, but i can’t use it on PC, just because the tabs aren’t on top!

Currently i use Vivaldi instead… i mean is it really so difficult to do?
What is preventing you of doing it?
You are shooting yourselves in the foot, why no tabs on top!?

Really :flushed:. There are tabs on the desktop version. It’s not on mobile though.

Tabs on top!.. over the URL field… touching the edge of the screen…

Oh I get it. hmmm I guess different tastes. :blush:

@metalhusky Since last year, the new Brave Browser already have tabs on top.

You may want to download the latest version

Ok, now i downloaded the new installer and now its on top, but i had brave already installed and always updated it, why didn’t it update to the current version with tabs on top then? is it a bug? are there 2 different versions or what?

Ok, i just checked i actually do have 2 different versions of brave installed right now, wtf?!

I use to have my PC connected to the 55inch tv, and it’s a lot easier to navigate from far away like that, where I can just move the mouse to the top and click on the tab, just like I need my “show desktop” button on Linux or windows in the low right corner

Yes, there’s two different versions of Brave. Brave (muon) with latest release is 0.25.x which no longer supported. And has been replaced by the new Brave Browser (brave-core) with 0.62.x and higher.

Your Brave should show upgrade notification to upgrade to the new Brave (like usual “there’s an update available” banner on top). Or if you have dashboard set to show as new tab, there should be a notification too.

Since you already installed the latest version, don’t forget to import your browser data from prev. Brave.

And recover your Brave Rewards wallet too (if you have any)

Apologize for the confusion.

but i updated the first one today too and the banner disappeared, thats why i thought there was no tabs on top still.

And why the rebrand?
From Brave Software to The Brave Authors?
Yeah, it’s all kind of confusing, ok, i’ll check the new vesion out now, but i like Vivaldi a lot at this point so, Brave has some serious competition now, i think atleast.Preformatted text

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