How to look the tabs hidden

Hi. Greetings to all.
Recently I changed to brave as my main explorer, because I had a peculiarity that CHROME lacks, and that is that by going over 79 tabs in GOOGLE CHROME, the following tabs become invisible or do not appear after the last one, something that It is uncomfortable, because I am open to have up to 100 or more open tabs, so I can read them or see them with ease.
The latest version of BRAVE that I am seeing has been based on CHROME has exactly the same peculiarity of hiding the eyelashes, so it seems to me that this time they have based the new BRAVE completely on CHROMIUM, so as it is basically the same as CHROME does the same to me.
I wanted to know if there is any way to put BRAVE back as it was before, that when you went over a certain number of tabs, I opened a new list where those new tabs came in without needing to erase or remove the already opened tabs. Something similar to what MOZILLA FIREFOX does, that if it does what I require it to do, but I do not use it then, it seems very slow compared to BRAVE.
They could tell me how I can do to change that or if there is any option to put the new BRAVE as it was before.
I have not unpainted the old BRAVE yet, and I have the two explorers together, because the previous version does what I want it to do, but not the new one, but I do not like to have two equal explorers because they occupy space.
Thankful to the person who can help me resolve this doubt.
Thank you…

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