Missing crucial features in brave

im new to brave, it almost replaced my Opera browser, only im struggling getting used to brave
because it’s missing a way to pin favorite sites to the new tab page (which is a half empty page with only 6 top sites feature). it seems like a simple feature is missing here and id love to have it in my brave.
in addition the restore last session isn’t always operating for some reason and it gets really frustrating opening everything anew (especialy since theres no favorite pining)
thanks for everything guys

Hey @barak1515 , what’s poppin?

Nice feature idea , I guess this 6 sites limit is included to not overwhelm the sponsored images in the background.

To get my fav sites on the new tab, I always try to bookmark them like: image , then it appears on the fav bar. What do you think about it?

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You can also use extensions for new tab page

In previous versions of Brave, you were able to pin top sites. I miss that feature.
Developers please restore it.

Big update coming soon for this:


yo @dicey, thank for the reply,
what you suggested is definitely my current solution to this,
thing is i have seen how its done better on a different browser, and
i believe good ideas are something that should spread out . this is what i mean:

what do you think of this mate?

woohooo can’t wait for this :grimacing: :grimacing: