Problem with brave mobile app

hello i have a problem with brave app. the problem is that I cannot add the folder to my bookmarks list. I click on the “add folder” button and the application crashes. also I cannot change the name of the bookmark, the application instantly crashes and does not allow changing the name. device name: Meizu 15lite. I will be grateful for the answer and for an ambulance in the problem.

P.S. I can’t post confirmation of the video, because of the bastard ban on exposing video to beginners.

I do not see this behavior on my end on the Android app – it may be specific to your device. Can you share a screenshot (not video) of the option you select that forces the browser to crash?

here i touch “create the folder” and app crash

I can show you the video if you tell me the messenger where your account is

Do you see this behavior on Chrome as well when you try to add a bookmark folder? Additionally, do you have Sync enabled on your device?

Does the brave application have synchronization? I do not have it in the settings. I’ve already had all bookmarks deleted many times due to the fact that I reinstalled the application. and at the expense of chrome, this problem is only in brave

You’re saying that trying to do the same action in Chrome works just fine?

yes. there is no such problem in the chrome browser, only in brave

Would you also be willing to download and install the Brave Beta application and see if you get the same results? This is a very useful test for us. Note that downloading/installing the Beta will not have any effect on your current Brave installation or data.

Additionally, do you have Brave Sync enabled on your device at this time?

brave sync is not enabled, I don’t know how to enable it at all. and about brave beta, I’ll check now

I checked, there are no such problems in the brave beta. Here is a photo

There was an Android update that should have hit all Android devices today, can you check and confirm that you’ve updated to version 1.13.87 and if the issue is still present after the update?

I’ve had these bugs over the course of several updates. I updated every time a new update came out, now I have updated too, the problem has not been solved

can you give me some kind of your account from social networks, what would I write to you there? because to be honest, this site is inconvenient, at least for android

Can you tell me what is inconvenient about it?
Also I’m discussing this issue with our Android team right now – hope to have more information for you soon.

this is not a messenger, I’m used to writing messages, not replies to every message

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