New user, got 2 Lenovo ads yesterday, ads didn't show up again

Hi! I’m sorry if this is an already solved problem or if it isn’t even a problem. I downloaded the browser yesterday, and in 2 hours I had already got 2 ads, then changed the settings and set the maximum ads/hour to 5, however, not even a single ad has shown up since that, and I have (unhealthily) been the whole day on internet. I read that setting maximum 5 ads/hour doesn’t mean I’ll always get 5 ads/hour, but I’ve been around 7 hours on my PC today and not a single ad has appeared (the last ad I got was about 4 p.m yesterday).

Thanks in advantage for your help, and sorry if I shouldn’t be posting this T_T.

Welcome to the Community, @StirCrazy.

There are a few things to consider here:

  1. As you noted, 5-per-hour is a maximum (you may not see that many)
  2. Ads are region-specific, so it depends on how many campaigns are active in your region
  3. Brave uses native messaging APIs, so things like Do not Disturb and Focus Assist can prevent ads from displaying

More information available here: FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?


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