Not showing any ads help me

I have mine configured to 5 ads in an hour, but haven’t received any ads like what’s it suppose to before. Currently getting 1 ad in an hour, which is kinda sad.

Why is this happening?

I feel you my friend.

bu ay aynı sorun bende de var reklam gelmiyor önce problem kendim de sandım ama forum da herkes bundan şikayetçi bi sıkıntı var

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The config:

“5 ads per hour” really means “up to 5 ads per hour”. It is not a rule you will receive 5 ads exactly per hour, it’s just a limiter to avoid spam.

Ads depend on your browsing habits, the number of advertisers on your region and ads campaing.

Also, in this month several users (including me) had been reporting no ads or less ads than usual. According to admins is due to an update on ads catalog on servers (and some other users say that is because of renewal of contracts with advertisers)

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i feel you, same here no ads since half month of June :thinking: :frowning_face:

I have that same problem.

This problem has been around for the past 1-2 months.

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