Not getting many ads

I have my Ads set to 5 per hour. I’ve been using the Brave browser all day (8+ hours) and have only had 4 ads total pop up. Others who are browsing the same websites and the same amount of time have had over 20.

Why am I not seeing ads as much as another person?

I’ve gotten 0 so far.



If you’ve had the browser in focus the entire time and actively browsing, you certainly should be seeing enough ads. If you’ve exhausted a niche category of ads (like you only browse golf sites), that will be resolved as we increase our supply in the catalog.

@kr3pt in your case, please check out Brave Beta ads not showing up as that discussion should be more relevant for you.

I also have the same problem, but I never see any advertising and 0 ad.
my Ads set to 5 per hour.
Win 10x64 From Mauritius