New User - Bunch of questions, hopefully simple

I’m a new user and have a few questions. Some I think I know the answer to, but can’t hurt to double-check.

  • Traditionally I’ve used Ad Blocking extensions with my browsers (i.e. Ad Blocker Ultimate, etc.) and script blockers (i.e. Privacy Badger, etc.). Should I use the same extensions on Brave, or does the Brave browser have this functionally built in?

  • Do all Chrome extensions from the Chrome Web Store work? Or should work okay in Brave?

  • What about Google Apps like Feedly, etc. - do they work as they do in Chrome?

  • If my family (not technical at all) is used to using Chrome as the default browser, have problems switching/using Brave browser? In other words, will they see functionality differences and incompatibilities with sites, services and extensions they use?

  • I use all Google products - Gmail, Drive, Maps, Sheets, Photos, etc. Am I to expect any compatibility issues?

Thank you in advance

Brave have ad blocker and other protections built into the browser.

Most Chrome extensions should work well with Brave. If you face an issue with extension/s, feel free to open a new thread on this site.

I’m not really sure about this. But I think it’s should work.

You may face some issue/s with some site/s due to Brave Shield. But most sites should works well.

You can adjust your shield if you face an issue (linked above) – and/or report to us by opening a new thread.

Similar answer like the previous reply.

Hope that help

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