New User coming from Google/Outlook Service

Hello everyone!

This is my first time using Brave and my first time being in the community. I admit, the community is a bit difficult to understand how it work, but if I post this in a wrong place, my bad.

Anyway, as I am learning more Brave features, I do a curious question:

  1. If I use Gmail, Youtube, and any Google services via Brave, and my login is already in, does that mean Brave can automatic stop Google from tracking me across the website, (or maybe more as I am still learning)?

Would it make any different if I sign out my login and still using their services?

Hello @cyber.cezar, thank you for sharing with us your concern. What kind of device and OS do you have Brave installed? By default, Brave blocks the trackers & ads on every website you visit and keeping your logins and passwords its up to you, by enabling the option under brave://settings/socialBlocking > Allow Google login buttons on third party sites > or going to the password manager > brave://settings/autofill Hope this can resolve your concern. Regards.

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Thank you for your response.

I have installed Brave on my Macbook Pro and iPhone. They’re macOS and iOS.

So, for example, I’m watching YouTube via Brave browser. I am already logged in with my Google account. Will Google still track my activity because I am already signed in and lose all the benefits that Brave has offers?

What about if I am watching YouTube, but does not logged in. Will that make a different?

I hope you understand what I typed =)

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Hello again @cyber.cezar, Brave is already blocking any tracking activity on the web. Regardless the search engine or account from Google you are using. I recommend you to keep your shields ON. Regards.

I’ll keep that in mind. Much appreciated.

My pleasure, glad to help you. Regards.

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