Problems with some Chrome extensions

Hello to all,

I am in the process of migrating from Chrome to Brave, after discovering the Manifest V3 project.
Nevertheless, I use several Google services that I will continue to use and I have problems with two extensions in particular:

1/ For Google Keep, when I activate the extension, a connection window appears but I can’t do anything: the popup shows me “authorization error / error 400” (see attached). What can I do to change the permissions?

2/ For the application launcher: I cannot activate the extension. In the extension management panel, I have the message “This extension may have been corrupted”. Is there anything I can do? Or do I have to continue using Chrome for Google Drive?

Brave version : v1.43.89
Mac OS 12.5.1

Thank you very much for your help.

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I can confirm that the same behavior occurs on Windows PC machines.

@floooowk Sorry your topic was overlooked. Are you still experiencing an issue? Please post an update.

@floooowk @jimmakos
I really can’t help. I know nothing about macOS or extensions since I don’t use either! Just thought I would post a couple of articles I found on a web search that might help you troubleshoot.

Also, please check your Brave version at brave://settings/help. The current Release version is 1.43.93. If your Brave version is not up-to-date, updating may solve the problem. You can also try installing the extensions in a new profile ( Create a new profile to help Troubleshoot) to see if works in a new profile.

Hopefully either a Community member and/or Brave support who knows about macOS and extensions will drop in and help! Take care.

Can you go to brave://settings/extensions and toggle the Allow Google login for extensions option “on” and see if this allows the extension to work?

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