Youtube Creator receiving rewards

Hi , I have read the similar topics and I did not find the answer to my question that is why I wrote this topic here. I’m a You Tube creator , Opened my Brave account ( today ) and my Uphold acc a year ago. I connected them ( at least it seemed like that a year ago) BUT I did not get any reward from my YouTube activities in my Uphold account. I dont know what I did wrong? My brawe browser is updated , my uphold acc is working and getting the general rewards from the brave browser but NOTHING from my Yout be channel!? Recently I saw that I have like 0.25 Bat on my Youtbe reward BUT its not in my Uphold account , I dont see it I cant ad it to my brave broswer reward . I dont get it how can I increase my rewards from my Youtube activities? Is it only working IFF someone finds my on Youtube and He is also a brave user and sends me a tipp? or I get rewads ( supposed to get ) if I use brawe browser to brouse youtube videos ? Can you please help me understand this ? Thank you very much , or send it pls to my e mail my Youtube channel is DIVEDEEPINSIDE . Thank you

brave publisher account work on monthly payout cycle , you well get your payout between 13th to 17th of each month

thanks . it seems i did not set it up properly a year ago. i got 0 $ untill now.

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