Is there any way to backup pending rewards

Hi. I have been planning to install a new OS on my machine. I am just curious if exporting the settings to a new browser includes the pending rewards too?

I am sorry if this sounds thrifty but I just wanted to research upon if there is any way to save the pending rewards as I have a significant amount of them in my browser and don’t want to wait for the next payday to claim it.

Thank you for your time. Have a good day ahead.


same problem @Aa-ron please help . i try to backup folder C:\Users{pcname}\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\user data . but not work

Hello all,
Thanks for reaching out. At the moment there is no way to back up pending rewards.
The best time to switch would be right after payouts and payouts for Dec is almost done now.

Also, do not back up rewards by coping the user data/profile folders. The best way would be to connect your wallet to Uphold to transfer funds there, and then connect a new wallet to Uphold to recover the funds.

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Ok cool. Thanks. My doubt has been clarified.

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Sir I have changed my os 2 time and I logged in with my uphold account . I think I have logged in more than 4 times. Due to my system problem with SSD I had to again reinstall brave. I wonder will I able to login with uphold. And will I get my payment next month with this uphold. ( Since I red many post saying that only 4 times connect the uphold is possible and exceeding will not get their reward) pls reply sir . BRAVE SUPPORT

Hi @hari2,
If you’ve connected more than 4 wallets, you wont receive BAT from the 5th wallet and above.
If you have any other issues please feel free to create a new topic or DM me. I’ll be closing this thread.

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