New to Brave/Fairly new to Manjaro (kde) how to update?

Can’t seem to find a good “How to” for updating Brave on Manjaro kde.

I see lots of “how to install” posts/instructions but not seeing any Update info.

If anyone could point me in the correct direction it would be greatly appreciated!

Is it uninstall/reinstall or is there an actual way to update?

This is what I get in About Brave: Version 1.12.105 Chromium: 84.0.4147.105 (Official Build) unknown (64-bit) I see they are on 1.13.82 so I was getting curious as to if I should update.

Manjaro Version - Mikah 20.1

Thanks in advance for any replies!

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Hello @Tempus

unfortunately arch based linux not official supported

hope soon they add brave to would make brave available to all linux distro

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thanks !

I was getting that impression but I wasn’t sure if I was interpreting things right.
So as far as “updating” the only thing would be an uninstall and reinstall and loose settings and such? I can import bookmarks and such (from FF) but if I use Brave daily instead then it seems I will get two very different browsers.
I will look into that link you provided.
Thanks again for the reply!

you welcome
i am not sure if the uninstall would remove the settings and bookmarks

so it’s better to wait tell someone from the brave team replay to you maybe they know a way for that

let me ask @Mattches for his help here

hope that help and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

Install instructions are found here:

You can update by running

sudo pacman -Syu 
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Thank You!

I believe that’s where I found out how to install Brave in the first place.

The command to update it I had not found yet. I guess my search foo has been failing me somehow.

Just going out the door, I will try it later!

Much appreciation for the instructions!!

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Well I tried that command. I see that it is just doing a system update, which I have already have done.
Therefor the message I got was “there is nothing to do”, pretty sure that was the wording I didn’t copy it sorry.

So does that mean Brave will be updated through the package manager eventually or since it’s not “officially supported” there just isn’t any way to update it?

Other than uninstalling and reinstalling? Which I’m not sure yet what that would do as far as bookmarks or settings and all that.

It’s not the end of the world but since it is being improved/patched I would like to upgrade at some point so I’m just trying to find out how to go about that.

Just thought I would let you know I ran it and what the results were, thanks again!

How did you install Brave to begin with? From what source did you get it?

Well, that’s a good question.

I have seen that page you sent a link too but if I recall correctly I tried that and it didn’t work. Being new to Manjaro and fairly new to Linux in general I don’t really know why it didn’t work.

I believe I may have eventually installed it through an AUR source in Pamac. I seem to remember it taking forever to build and eventually got done, hit the install and it worked.

The entry in Pamac just has the version number 1.12.105-1 and “Official Repositories”.

Sorry I can’t be more specific, it’s been over a month and it’s just sort of foggy. Age is a wonderful thing…

If there is a specific way to find the source let me know.

Can you try running pamac upgrade -a and see if this applies the update files to your current installation?

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Hmm, ok now I’m lost.

Ran that command and it asked me if I wanted to “build files” (I think, I should have written it down). I said yes…

Now I’m sitting in a screen I have no idea what to do with. It seems something ran but now there are just options at the bottom that I basically shouldn’t get involved in from the looks of it.

At the top it says;
GNU nano 5.2 and some sort of directory structure line ending in PKGBUILD.

Uh, should I just exit? Did it do what you were expecting?

Like I said not a real deep Linux user here so if I sound lost well, yeah I might be.

Ok I got to thinking (dangerous I know).

It didn’t just say “build files” it said “edit build files” and no I sure don’t want to do that.

Reran the command and it seemed to do what it was supposed to. I mean it was updating this and than, said it was succesful I believe and was done.

Is there something you want me to look for now?

Brave version is still: Version 1.12.105 Chromium: 84.0.4147.105 (Official Build) unknown (64-bit)

Thanks for putting up with this, let me know when you can.


Just want to chime in as someone who uses Arch Linux, which is quite similar to Manjaro.

The AUR is considered an “advanced” feature for developers. The community recommendation is to understand how to write a PKGBUILD file before using the AUR - both Arch and Manjaro are very careful to mention that there is no official support for the AUR, and that you’re using it at your own risk. Anyone can upload a package to the AUR, which means it’s quite possible to run into a malicious or just poorly-supported one.

Luckily, there is a brave package in the official Manjaro package repository, which I’d strongly recommend instead of an AUR version. That one is verified to be safe by Manjaro maintainers, will be included in general system updates, and is distributed as a binary so it won’t take several hours to build each time.

It should generally be safe to uninstall and reinstall packages without losing user configurations. Your browser profile is saved in ~/.config/BraveSoftware. I haven’t personally looked at that AUR package to verify that it won’t be removed on uninstall, but you can make a backup of the profile folder just to be 100% sure.

That being said, the AUR can definitely be a great tool if you know how to use it. If you’re interested in any further adventures with the AUR, I would definitely recommend reading the Manjaro AUR wiki page, as well as the PKGBUILD page from the Arch wiki.



Thanks for the detailed reply.

I have seen those warnings and stayed away from the AUR packages for the most part.

Seems like I had trouble getting Brave any other way but now I’m not sure I’m providing the correct info to you folks.

In Pamac in says Brave 1.12.105-1 and under that Official Repositories. Does that mean I actually did install an “Official” one and not the AUR version? Would Pamac display the installed version with AUR after it if that’s where it came from?

I also now see a brave-beta 1.13.54-1, there are also dev builds and nightly builds.

Maybe I’m just making this too complicated and that’s the latest “Official” I can get any way?

Again thank you for the detailed explanation.


I just did some investigation - it looks like you are actually using the most recent version from the official Manjaro repositories. The Manjaro maintainers just haven’t updated their package version since July 30th.

Until they update the package on their end, the only way to get a more recent version would be through the AUR. It looks like there’s a consistent monthly update cadence, even if it’s slightly behind. Probably no reason to worry unless there’s no new updates within the next week or so.

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Well how about that!

Thank You for looking into this.

Sorry I created some confusion here.

It/I can wait, no problem.

Well now I know at least.

Thanks to all that tried to help!!!

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