Brave-browser not getting update

I have brave-browser installed on both Ubuntu 20,04 and 21.04. On Ubuntu-21.04 it is updated to 1.27.111 but on Ubuntu 20.04 it is still on 1.27.109. I installed brave-browser in both with the same steps from

Thanks for reaching out to us. To confirm, you installed/updated using these instrucitons?

Yes, in both my systems I followed the same instructions.

I have Ubuntu 20.04 on a test laptop and I have the latest update. I think I just installed brave via the Ubuntu Software. I really do not use this laptop much and was testing to see if I like ubuntu or not. But still, at least it gets updates fairly quickly. Linux Manjaro, which I am using now, is still stuck on 1.26.74-1 and it is an official binary thru AUR.


If you install from Ubuntu software that is a snap packaged by snapcraft, not from the brave repository.

I don’t know about Manjaro but on my ArchLinux system Brave is updated to 1.27.111. I installed brave-browser-bin from the AUR (there is another package called brave-browser that doesn’t build)

But anyway, neither the snap nor the AUR package is provided by the brave team so those are irrelevant to my issue here.

I’m sorry. I really am not computer savvy at all. Just thought i’d share that because for whatever reason it is current on ubuntu. But guess its an unofficial package. Thanks for your insight tho!

I’m a little rusty on Ubuntu/apt-based update tools, so this won’t be very specific – but are you using the GUI software updater or CLI such as apt-get?

If not the latter, maybe try using the shell and see if it throws any clues or errors/warnings. Otherwise, maybe you could look in the local logs and see if anything is indicated there.

If it’s using the same repo I have to assume the issue is it’s either not seeing the package for some reason, or, it is but is failing for something like a missing or stale dependency on the older box.

There is no error, just says everything is up to date.

OK – but this is from the shell (e.g., apt-get)? Not a GUI tool?

From both gui and cli

So I deleted Brave, removed the keyring and the apt repository and added them back again then did sudo apt update and now the latest version shows up.

Very strange. It has updated successfully before,


I’m also stuck on 1.26.67 on Pop-OS/Ubuntu. Brave usually appears as an update in the GUI system updater but now hasn’t done so for months.

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