Brave on Linux won't upgrade version

Hi guys, I have Linux Mint 20.3, and Brave has stopped self-updating at:
Version 1.49.120 Chromium: 111.0.5563.64 (Official Build) unknown (64-bit)
Downloading and re-installing over the top doesn’t update it. This is a similar issue I had on occasion with Chrome, so could it be a Chromium engine bug on Linux…?
Update button on top right is stuck on ‘Brave is out of date’/‘Can’t update Brave → Reinstall’.

I’d rather not fully uninstall and install the new v1.51.110 package from scratch, as that’s going to mess up my settings. I have a few PCs synced, but want to be sure I can retain my bookmarks (can also manually export/import them), extensions, open tabs, history, passwords, and other settings, just a pain having to re-setup everything again. I don’t sync everything between PCs, as they are for different purposes, so complicates things a bit.

Any/all advice much appreciated!

Hi, on Linux you normally expect your OS’s package manager to handle the updates.

How exactly did you install it initially?

If not using the instructions at then you should use those instructions; thereafter, the software updater in Mint should be able to upgrade the package going forward, provided that you are allowing OS updates to be installed.

All that being said, if I were you I would hold off on upgrading for maybe a week or so, there may be some issues present in the current (1.51.110) release: NOTICE: Unexplained Data Loss Issue

Hi Jim, normally it does. I noticed this with Chrome as well on a few occasions - the package manager just wouldn’t update the version and I had to do a full uninstall/reinstall. This also just happened on my main Win10 PC, so isn’t isolated to Linux btw, as well as my other Mint VM running on VirtualBox.

Too late! Already updated two other PCs manually to 1.51.110 - ‘data loss’…? This sounds odd and quite serious on a browser, yikes! I sync the 2 bare metal Brave installs (not the VM), so this is rather concerning, hmmm…hope it’s patched soon.

Yes. Unclear atm if it’s an upstream Chromium issue or not. But I would recommend immediately exporting and backing up your bookmarks and passwords, as those seem to be the most serious persistent data affected.

I backed up my stuff but the issue hasn’t occurred to me thus far; so it may be only under some particular combination of circumstances that it happens.

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Cheers matey, will do. I prob shouldn’t have done a major Mint upgrade at the same time lol! Found out the hard way my old VBox v6.1.30 wouldn’t run the latest Vanessa/Vera updates, eh.

All good now, I use BitWarden on all my boxes, so passwords not an issue. I’ve done a bookmark export from the manager, so hopefully I have that to fall back on, worst case. (Not to mention nightly scripts that back up a lot of stuff from the Linux VM to my USB drive and also Win backups/file history that’s always running on the Win server ;).
Usually the theme & extensions are the biggest pain to set up across multiple PCs, but hopefully they aren’t impacted. Thanks again!

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