How to update Brave browser without waiting for it to be uploaded in Manajro repository?

Description of the issue:
i have brave browser installed in my Manjaro Linux, the problem is that i can’t use some websites , they are saying update to the latest version of chromuim but this is impossible in my situation because my brave browser get updates only in pacman , and pacman saying this is the latest version.
and also i can’t use brave updater , i don’t know if this is a linux problem or just in the distro that i use.
Expected result: i can use the built-in brave updater without waiting for the Manjaro repo.
Brave Version:
Version 1.33.106 Chromium: 96.0.4664.110 (Official Build) unknown (64-bit)
Additional Information:
i have installed brave from pacman.

Not sure if this is relevant, but as a fellow Manjaro user I must say the only way I have found to keep brave remotely updated is to switch between brave bin located in AUR and the brave official repos. I say remotely updated because for whatever reason Manjaro is always days behind on updates in comparison to windows brave updates or even ubuntu. For whatever reason when I decide to update lets say from the AUR brave bin next thing you know a few days later or even the next day the official repo version all of the sudden has a later update available. By switching back to that more recent version then next thing you know the AUR version shows a later more recent update days later. This constant switching between brave versions is the only way I can stay up to date. In addition for whatever reason, the official repo version always lists the build as unknown like how yours shows that after (official build) and the brave bin from AUR shows it as just official build. It is to my understanding on the how to install brave on linux faq on braves official website it suggests to use the brave bin file for Manjaro. So I kind of prefer having the AUR version when available. But I have noticed no differences between either. Also swapping between these builds like this does not affect the wallet or count as a new device or mess with rewards. But I am nowhere computer savvy and do not even understand how linux works so I am sure there is a way better explanation for that from someone else. You might want to consider reaching out on the Manjaro forums. I once asked on there why the official repos version is not being updated and a admin did fix the problem, but I mean since then it never shows the update til like weeks later.

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Thank you for your time, i think i will wait for another stable update to be released, this is really sad that we can’t update brave from the browser is self like windows.

It is probably some Linux thing as if I recall Ubuntu requires updating through their package manager. I tested ubuntu for a while but did not like it so never made the switch. I would recommend at least enabling AUR on your manjaro updater to at least get a more recent version of brave esp if it is affecting you visiting some websites. In addition firefox is the same way where you can only update that through the package manager, however, not sure if there is some update through the browser as I do not use firefox anymore since I exclusively use brave.

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But i have AUR enabled, and i am still not getting ang updates, i think i will just qait for the repo .
Thank you.

Also Manjaro user here, I would suggest you uninstall brave package, and install brave-bin (AUR) package :slight_smile:

But i don’t want to lose my data.

Which versions show for you? Like yes the official repos for me is also showing the version on 1.33. But the AUR version shows the more current 1.34. Also you will not lose data if you just switch to one version and back to the other etc. As long as you do not uninstall it. It just builds upon the other one. For me it has never messed with rewards bookmarks etc. It just simply switches from either the AUR build or the official repo build. Tho I would definitely make a timeshift before doing either new build just in case something does go wrong.

Also you can wait it out if you desire. However, like I mentioned earlier for whatever reason it seems like it never updates until I switch from one to the other. Like I was at 3 weeks late on one version and as soon as I switched to the other, like next thing you know mysteriously that original one all of the sudden showed the newer update. I really do not know if it is by switching over it made one show the update or I just happened to have done it and that was the lucky/unlucky day that the package manager just happened to release the update.

Your data should not get harmed by swapping the package. Just in case (better safe than sorry) make a backup of your /home/$USER/.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser folder, if you don’t already use some automated backup like Timeshift. I did exactly what I suggested you to do (removed brave package and installed brave-bin (AUR) package), and none, of cookies, browser extensions, preferences, bookmarks etc etc. suffered any changes after the swap. AFAIK it should only affect the binaries, not configuration files.

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Ok thank you, i switched to Arch Linux so i can’t do what you segeast, i hope someone else that has the same problem will solve it with your suggestion.
Thank you.

If you switched to Arch, you should probably read up the the manuals, and tinker a bit, because there is less holding hands for Arch, as it’s not intended for beginners anyway, like Manjaro, so it assumes you know what you are doing. From your question (begginer question) in this forum I wouldn’t have suggested you to switch to a more of a DIY kind of distro. But anyway, Arch is a great choice if you want to learn and master Linux.

Here is a good place to start:

Good luck :wink:

PS: you can have pamac in your Arch system to manage packages (including auto-update for AUR) for you, same as in Manjaro, as well, no big deal.

On Arch, if you don’t install pamac, you will have to install/update manually, which I think is more of the Arch Way. So just use this to install or always a new release is out:

git clone
cd brave-bin
makepkg -si

By they way, the above makepkg should also work on Manjaro, since it has the same tooling under the hood.

Yes but i installed yay, i think they are the same , so i will just stay with pacman and yay :blush:,
PS: i installed brave-bin using yay .

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