Archlinux/Manjaro missing on Download page

I felt like trying Brave and noticed Archlinux/Manjaro (the latter is heavily Arch based) is not mentioned on the linux download page, so I took a look at the Arch repos and, to my surprise, found Brave/Brave Beta in the community repo.
If Brave/Brave Beta can be found in the official Archlinux repo, why is the distro it not mentioned?
(Also the copyright notice on the bottom still says 2019 ;))

I believe it’s because Brave doesn’t provide those packages. The AUR and Manjaro’s repo are supported by users.

Brave is a Manjaro pakcage, but it’s supported by Phil Muller, on the Manjaro team.

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We could add it to the unofficial packages section at the bottom of that page.

I’m not familiar with Arch/Manjaro though, so it would be good if someone could suggest wording/links. Best way to do that is through our issue tracker. Feel free to CC @fmarier on that issue.

Looks like the link to include (or a link, anyway) would be

Maybe something like “Brave is also available in community repositories in Linux distributions like Arch, Manjaro, and Solus”? Then you could just add to the list as you become aware of them?

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And what are the steps to installing that package on Arch or Manjaro?

In other words, what’s the equivalent command to Solus’ sudo eopkg it brave?

In the Arch documentation, I just found this Rosetta explaining how different distros do various things as far as package management goes.

Based on that, the pacman documentation, and the linked package in AUR, I’m guessing the installation command would be
pacman -S brave-bin
and maybe include this from the comments under the package entry in case the user encounters the error mentioned:

simonorono commented on 2018-11-15 03:35

To disable the message telling “that you’re using an unsupported command-line flag --no-sandbox” you must enable user namespaces with sysctl:

sudo sysctl kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone=1

To make it persist after reboot:

echo kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone = 1 | sudo tee /etc/sysctl.d/00-local-userns.conf

Maybe it’s time for me to create an Arch or Manjaro VM? :smiley:

Manjaro would be

sudo pacman -S brave


sudo pacman -S brave-bin


pamac install brave


pamac install brave-bin

For Solus, it would be

sudo eopkg install brave

Yes and no. brave-bin (/beta/nightly) IS in fact in the AUR, but there’s also packages in the “normal” arch repository (“community” branch).

Looks like the link to include (or a link, anyway) would be

Yes and no.
The -S flag on Arch’s/Manjaro’s pacman stands for sync (sync installation with the current version (install/update/reinstall)

However, I would prefer to see sudo pacman -Sy brave/ sudo pamac update && sudo pamac install brave, the y flag stands for update, in apt-ish it’s sudo apt update && sudo apt install foobar
Edit: Grammar and clarification

Sorry for the late reply, I was pretty short over the last days ._.
Answer above

Thanks for the correction! I’ve focused on Manjaro, I was extrapolating from there.

That also applies to manjaro

For Arch Linux it would be

yay -S brave-bin

with yay (there are a lot of AUR’s managers for example pamac, yourt…)

git clone
cd brave-bin
makepkg -si

without any manager

but in my opinion AUR isn’t good solution for web browser because files are maintained by anonymous users so I do not trust it fully and it’s additional installation form.

The better way would be create an official pacman repository like all other browsers (firefox, chromium, opera) or use AUR but maitained by official Brave team, not random user. It’s easy to create this PKGBUILD package from build (

Currently the best way to install brave in my opion is download build file:
unpack it and run by “brave” file.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. @itsTyrion has created an issue for adding the existing packages to the unofficial part of the installation: (short-term solution).

I have also linked to @micobar’s pointers from (longer term solution).

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