New tab tiles not populating

I noticed that the tiles indicating your most visited websites will not get populated on the new tab. I’m using iOS 13 with the latest Brave version.

Is this an expected behavior?

If not I could open a bug report with all the necessary information.

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Good question but I think technical support team can give you the right advice.

Do you mean the tiles on new tab page?
They are for your favorite websites which you can add manually for quick access, they are not based on how frequent you visit a website.

If you want to add a website there tap on three-dot menu-> add bookmark and select favorites location


Thanks @michal, but there is no way I can find how to add a favorite or bookmark to favorites. I can only choose “bookmarks” as the target folder.

Update: Now I see what you meant. Thanks!
So the behavior is drastically different compared to Brave on Android.

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