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I just updated my brave browser. I have the brave browser icon showing (short cut?) on my home page. I click on it and it brings up another page with four icons of websites that I normally visit. This update changed the wallpaper on this page and removed 4 of the original 8 icons (of websites) I could click to go to.
I cannot find out how to add those 4, and others to that page as a shortcut (or favorite?). Can someone show me how, or direct me to the instructions to add then back?


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Strange that they were removed – unfortunately the New tab page is undergoing a rather large overhaul and at this time, you’re unable to do this manually. That said, the tiles auto-populate as you browse, so if you go to those four sites and browse/bookmark them, they’ll likely get re-populated as they were before.

The above screen shot is what my page shows now. There is a whole row of tiles missing that was there before the update. To be honest, I don’t remember how I populated that page anyway, but would like to repopulate it again.

The three dot menu in the upper right of the status bar does let me go to bookmarks, but I like the other page much better.
Thx for you help.

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You shouldn’t need to do anything in particular to populate the NTP with tiles. Are the ones you see now accurate to the sites you browse?

Yes, they are. What’s new since the update are the missing 4 tiles (would like to add more) and the wallpaper is also new. Don’t know if anything else has changed or not. I did not read the changelog.

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Just discovered this myself and am rather annoyed. :confused: I like the new photographic background, but having only four auto-generated top sites in that vast expanse of homepage seems like a waste of useful space. At least eight seems far more useful, plus, there could be an option to manually mark our own top sites like there is on the desktop browser. (At least, the last time I used the desktop browser…hope that hasn’t changed, too!)


Same happened to me, on both smartphone and tablet.

If possible I would like to increase number of icons on starting page, not to reduce.

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