Configure home / new tabs page

Hello, a feature I would love to see is to be able to customize what appears each time I open a new tab.

Probably my ideal setup would be a top row showing my 5-10 most visited or most recent sites, and below that another row of icons for pages I bookmark that I would always like to have quick access to.

This would help streamline getting to my favorite sites without having to type on a virtual keyboard :tired_face:

Brave does a great job loading pages fast, this extra feature would make the whole experience faster by cutting out the annoying step of having to type each website in on a virtual keyboard or navigate through a bookmark menu.


Ditto. The closest I could get was adding the bookmarks button to the top bar.

The new tabs page has some links (called “favorites”) on it by default, and they are customizable, but I don’t know how to add new ones!

I also ditto. I just installed the browser on my iPhone. The first thing I did was delete all the default favorites on the new tab page. I guess I assumed I could make my own. But I don’t see any way of adding new favorites there. So now that I deleted the defaults, I can’t get them back!