New Tab page only shows 4 items now ... regression as of 12-10-19 update

Please bring back the ability to have more than 4 items only appear on the new tab page. As of today’s (12-10-19) update, only 4 items show.

I consider that regression rather than progression.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Seconded! This is the worst thing about Brave on ios right now and it honestly makes me want to go back to Safari. I have several sites that i like to visit daily from my iphone and having to tap through each time to view all my bookmarks in a list format is cumbersome. I miss how it used to be as a full grid. Please allow this as a configurable feature.

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Amazing! Thanks for taking this feedback into consideration, The new tab page is much better now :slight_smile:

Only 4 items show on my New Tab page even after the February 4, 2020 update. In other words, no change on this front here for me, yet.

ya its pathetic compared to Firefox whose new tab page has 16 most visited sites.

You can show all of your favorites if you disable the background images in the settings. This will bring back the old-style homescreen.

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