New Tab Page Still Displaying Google Search History

As per this thread: Stop New Tab Page Displaying Google Search History

Has this been fixed / implemented yet? The address bar / “omnibox” on ONLY the New Tab Page displays a drop-down of ALL Google Search history (whether it was typed into the address bar, or just search directly on Google’s page).

This is very dodgy for a “Privacy Browser”, and could end up revealing a LOT more than you intend to people looking over your shoulder!

CalderCay at : Stop New Tab Page Displaying Google Search History - #22 by caldercay
Found a “Autocomplete searches and URLs” setting, but this does not work the same as it does in Chrome, and still leaves the search history showing ONLY on the New Tab Page, despite being off:

As mentioned for a “privacy browser”, this should be quite high up on the list of things to fix.

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