Stop New Tab Page Displaying Google Search History - 1 year later


this problem is still not solved! Exactly one year later:

Stop New Tab Page Displaying Google Search History

Is there any plans to have this fixed? If you have as default search engine and you open a new tab in Brave and click to search in the address basr, all your previous searches are displayed in a drop down. Surely, the word “privacy” has nothing to do with this behavior.

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Yup! I logged this on the GitHub, too.
For a view of how absolutely DODGY this is (especially on a privacy browser), imagine someone looking over your shoulder and seeing:

Or worse!
I’m surprised some husband or wife hasn’t been stabbed over this, yet. Come on Brave! As a privacy browser this should be top priority.

I find your attempt to be sarcastic…well pathetic. For a starter, you may read through the original thread. Additionally, one needs his boss to come to the computer and you both trying to search something in Brave and suddenly he sees that you were looking for a new job.

There are many examples where showing google searches on new Tab is bad for privacy.

Nonetheless, if the team doesn’t consider fixing it - so be it.

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Me? Lol maybe I was being that strong you thought it was sarcasm.
Check who made that last thread you linked to! :laughing:

And wow it’s actually been a year and they still haven’t fixed it. Amazing.


Two years later and it’s still the same? Did the developers give any answers?