Only 5 favorites on new tab

I can see only 5 favorites on new tab page and I’m forced to click “show more” to see the rest. new tab
2.look at your favorites

You can only see five favorites at one time before clicking “show more”

Version 1.61.1 (

iPhone 15 pro max

There is just so much empty space under the five favorites on new tab, why couldn’t there be more than 5 favorites? Same result with or without the background picture.

We are in the process of adding additional functionality to iOS favorites:

Thank you

If going too much, may as well just set it to bookmarks. They were keeping room for NTP ads and other content. Add another row or two of favorites and you wouldn’t really see the NTP ads when they were supposed to show. Especially when you consider that NTP ads are clickable, so need enough space between to prevent accidental clicks.

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