Back to six favorites + "show the rest" button on iPad?

After updating Brave on iPad today, it seems the app only shows six favorites on the home screen again, regardless of whether the “display background image” setting is on or off… :confused:

What is the rationale of displaying an almost empty screen and having to click a little button to show the rest? Did anyone explicitly ask for this, or was it a “design decision”?

Is there any way to show all favorites at once in the latest version? If not, why?

Same thing, I just registered an account here to report this. I just have the top row of favorites and an empty screen with a button that says show more… doesn’t make any sense…

Is there any news on this? This problem happened in the past and it looks like everyone was hating it, then it came back, I don’t think anyone likes it more.
I think there is probable no word in English to describe how little most people care about the backgrounds, but even disabling that doesn’t bring back more favorites.
I saw another post, from April, saying that there were plans for that page, but now in August, it’s still a single row and a whole screen of wasted space.
How can we get a full page of favorites again?

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