FAVORITES Have to hit “Show More” button then get keyboard pop up. WHY?

I’m a relatively new Brave user (about a year now). The most annoying thing consistently has been the favorites page.
Why are only 4 favorites shown? To top it off you need to hit the “Show More” button only to have the keyboard pop up(for the search bar) and cover all the favorites.
This feels broken and seems like such an easy fix.
Would make the experience sooooooo much more enjoyable if when I hit the favorites page all my favorites are shown without a “more” button or default search being selected.

Is there a setting I’m missing somewhere to display the page the way I and assume everyone else wants?

Hard to imagine a worse use of space especially when in landscape. I mean look at that last picture.


A screenshot is welcome.
What OS you have?

Right. Added a couple screenshots. iOS 15.5
Same issue on pc with newest brave version.

Still the same after latest update.
My least favourite thing about the browser right now.

I can’t think of a reason why this wouldn’t be fixed/changed.

Why not just go straight to a full screen of favorites?