New tab page default background color

Pick a theme color: Default color

New tab page shows: Blank page


New tab page shows dark blue background #6b7084

I would suggest changing background to white #ffffff

Thank you for reaching out. Not super clear if you’re reporting an issue or making a feature request about this though? Can you please clarify?

It can be an issue, can be a feature request too. It’s rather a design tweak.

When you use default color theme with blank new tab page, I would expect the blank new tab page to use white background color. However, it shows the dark blue, which is not expected, and it doesn’t look good. Why dark blue? All other browsers use white background for blank new tab page.

As suggested above, change the blank new tab page background color to white in Light scheme, and black in Dark scheme would be much better.

Are you including the options to change what color the NTP background color displays as?
While on the NTP, click Customize --> Background image and in the resulting window, click Solid colors the pick one that better suits you. Also note that you can upload your own images as well if you can’t find something you like.

IIRC we will include additional default colors in future releases but this is what we have as of now.

Thanks for the reply. I was referring to New Tab Page: Blank page in settings. Not the Dashboard. If you follow the instructions yourself, you’ll see it easily for what I suggested.

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I see — apologies for the misunderstanding here. I’m going to go ahead and move this topic to the “Feature request” section as it turns out that is in fact what this is — you’d like the Blank page option to appear as white rather than the gray that it is currently.

That’s right, no worries.

It was fixed in v1.45.113