New Tab: dark grey background shows before displaying background images

When opening a new tab, a dark grey background shows for about a second before the background images load. Is it possible to change that colour?

In brave://settings/newTab “New tab page shows” is set to Dashboard, and if you change it to “Blank page” it makes it all the nasty dark grey colour! Is there any way of changing that colour?

Looking up my version of Brave, which is the latest (1.42.86) I wonder if it’s the fix for this:
but it’s not a pleasant colour at all and would be great if we could choose to alter it, including back to the previous white.

It would be good if someone can answer that question of whether we can change the colour.

Is really that important a background colour that is temporarily displayed for less than a second? Does it really stop you working?
In a faster network you do not even see it.

Maybe I need a faster internet speed then so I don’t see it!
It doesn’t stop me working but I find it a bit annoying, and if it didn’t matter to me then I wouldn’t have posted about it.
Would be nice if everything could be very easily customisable, but unfortunately that’s not always the case.

I have that question too. I would like to select a Blsnk page for New Tab and have it white as it was in previous versions.

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Thanks Roodan.
I’ve just created a feature request for it here: Ability to change the background colour that displays on a blank page or before the background images load

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