Choose background for new tab

Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before so i can’t find somewhere.

When we will able to choose new background for new tab? I’d will love to use it.

Thank you.

I believe it is being worked on. Have heard about it before. Here is one example I found, not sure if this is the same or not…

Thank you… It looks awesome, i like it but any idea why they don’t add it? it’s been since april

I tried Nightly and Beta but it’s not available there.

Not sure, maybe they nixxed the idea for now, or too busy working on other “more important” things. All i know is you amongst a few others have requested it. I have not heard of any progress.

I understand but maybe it was just concept, not sure

@Mattches there is any plan for this feature?

You saw the issue linked above already:

:point_up: Because we are working on several different projects and none of them are as easy as “just adding it”. We appreciate your patience.

Thank you for the response.

I understand you what you said but i’ll wait until it gets released.

Thank you :slight_smile: