Ability to change the background colour that displays on a blank page or before the background images load

When opening a new tab, the background colour that displays on a blank page, or just for a second or so before the background images load, has recently been changed from white to a dark grey.
I think it would be very nice to have the option to choose different colours instead.

For me, dark grey is a boring and not very pleasant colour for that, and obviously any single colour isn’t going to please everyone, so why not give us the choice of whichever custom colours we want to use?

There are some Brave GitHub issue reports open and currently active you might want to track. There are more open issues but only posted two. You can follow the links in the issue reports or do a search on open issues to find related information. Hopefully development activity will continue and not stall!

Update: Solid and gradient colors released in Nightly 1.45.x. The milestone in the issue report indicates it will be available in the Beta 1.44.x release. Version 1.44.x is currently schedule for release S09/27/2022 so won’t be long until available in Release! Brave is still working on NTP/dashboard customizations. So, even more goodies to come! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info, that’s good to hear!