More freedom in customizing new tab page

When everything on the new tab page is disabled, it leaves this pink/orange gradient, like the Settings in the browser. I find this color combination to feel really intimidating and as everyone using a browser, I usually open new tabs and I get to see that intimidating gradient.

Would it be possible to allow for either a completely blank (white) tab page with nothing on it, or a selection of gradients, especially something Light Blue/White gradient or something less intimidating.

It would be good if that also changed the gradient on the topmost bar in the Settings page.

It may be a pet peeve and a personal request, but I find the color choices of Brave, especially in the UI to be very intimidating and for some reason it gives off a feeling of tension and intensity compared to Chrome and some other browser’s approach with white and blue UI, which I think is a vastly superior design choice.

Change it from this:

Into this:

We’re actually in the process of giving the NTP a rather large overhaul – the feature you’re requesting is already in the works :slight_smile:

See all NTP issues being worked on here:
Issue directly related to your request:
Tangentially related:


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