FEATURE REQUEST: Empty 'New Tab' page

(…) about to suggest we add something or alter something to Brave? - yes, sorry… I always loved the minimalist, ‘clean’ look and feel of the Chromium ‘New Tab’ page and the generic pictures in the background in the Brave Browser equivalent annoy the crap out of me (relatively speaking at least, of course). So, please either educate me on how the heck I could have missed the config option that is, in fact, already there, or else please consider adding such an option (of removing / editing / configuring the New Tab lay-out, in particular the screen-filling pictures and the randomness of them) ASAP, PLEASE, thanks.
(…) why it should be seriously considered - great idea, but um… simply because you always want to offer users as much choice as possible, especially if it should be relatively easy like this…? Duh? ;D


I want this feature too
opening a new tab should default to home page


Me too. That stupid photo is so NOT me it makes me NOT want to use the whole browser on desktop. Who ever thought it was a good idea to hard code a freaking picture on a start page?? I hated it from the second I saw it. It’s like someone dousing you in perfume that doesn’t suit you. Now I’ve downloaded Chrome themes Brave linked me to, but still that stupid photo?? Seriously, what the hell??


+1, or at least let us modify the front page with more settings.


I really want to see this too, I didn’t MAKE a theme for nothing, come on…


Hi @Guerra1 @Frederic @xy123 @purple @cryohellinc @xXPunksterXx thanks for the feedback.

Currently there’s no way to customize new tab page. An issue logged here https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/2999

As a workaround, there’s an extensions that can be used to override Brave’s NTP.


Agree on this. Blank new-tab pages are about all I use. Let clutter, less resources, less distraction. Simple.


Just adding my emphatic agreement to leave off the photos in the New Tab page. I’d very much like to be able to install themes and actually SEE them. I mean, I do have a theme installed, but since there’s a photo embedded on the New Tab page, I can’t really see the them other than the frame window frame color. :frowning:


For anyone watching this thread:
We are working on new NTP features to provide a more flexible, customizable and finer tuned New Tab Page.

In the interim, you can install both themes from the web store as well as new tab page extensions that will override the one built into the browser. For example, I’m using Momentum on my machine presently:


This might be a dumb question, but how do I know what to select that will override the Brave New Page?

I’m using this one: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hello-melody-ni/naingjackpbfaahcplilfjphfmoajppb and it doesn’t override the new page tab. All I can see is the window frame color. It’s new page is supposed to look like this:


I see now. Apologies for the misunderstanding.
This is something it seems like you can’t quite do as of yet.

What I would recommend doing is using your desired theme and choosing a new tab page extension that allows customization of that page. For example, using Infinite Dashboard, I was able to change my background to a similar image as the one used for the theme (I imagine you can find the exact image with a bit of searching) shown above in conjunction with the theme itself:

Pretty, no? :slight_smile:


可愛い! Thank you! I’ll try it out when I get a chance!


I went to the New Tab Page and when I had the photo and the counters forced upon me, I went to “Distill Page” in the hamburger menu. Then I bookmarked my new clean slate (except for “Failed to find article”) Now when I want to go to a New Tab, I go to the bookmark and click “Open in New Tab”


I started to use blank new tab page extension on Google Chrome on my low spec Asus transformer (Intel Atom CPU) mainly because it took of half a second from the cold start of time of Chrome.

After a while I started to like the clean minimalist blank new page. So I a;so added that extension on Chrome to my desktop PC also.

So please add a blank new tab feature to Brave

Firefox offers a blank new tab, Edge offers a blank new tab and there are at least dozen extensions on Chrome store offering blank new tab functionality… So I am not the only one preferring a clean and fast new tab page appearance.

Just signed up to voice my disgust how I am forced to keep ugly colors set on my otherwise blank tab. I just wanted a pure white tab with no visual stimulus anywhere at all. But that is not possible in Brave.

I will not be using this browser for long as it makes me literally feel nauseous. It demands that I not be allowed to do just simple sh1t like just turn off the ugly purple and pink colors. Totally lame, this browser is a joker just like the rest of them.

This extension should add a blank tab to Brave. Should be able to install on Brave, similar to Chrome. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/empty-new-tab-page/dpjamkmjmigaoobjbekmfgabipmfilij/related?hl=en-US

I actually like a lot the default ‘new page’. Optional blank ‘new page’ wouldn’t hurt anyone

Sorry for self-promotion, but you may like the extension I’ve developed: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/absolutely-blank-new-tab/jjbjmfkdmmbjdmmjoccdccaeffkkbiga.

It’s open source and is in public domain.