FEATURE REQUEST: Empty 'New Tab' page


(…) about to suggest we add something or alter something to Brave? - yes, sorry… I always loved the minimalist, ‘clean’ look and feel of the Chromium ‘New Tab’ page and the generic pictures in the background in the Brave Browser equivalent annoy the crap out of me (relatively speaking at least, of course). So, please either educate me on how the heck I could have missed the config option that is, in fact, already there, or else please consider adding such an option (of removing / editing / configuring the New Tab lay-out, in particular the screen-filling pictures and the randomness of them) ASAP, PLEASE, thanks.
(…) why it should be seriously considered - great idea, but um… simply because you always want to offer users as much choice as possible, especially if it should be relatively easy like this…? Duh? ;D


Hej Guerra1,

Update: the original response is for Muon only:
I think you want: Preferences => General => A New tab shows => select Blank page from the select box, right?

Current version: there is no such setting and in general very little customization options.
You could try to modify the new tab page in the brave_resources.pak (e.g. add a visibility: hidden to the body, avoid loading the js files, etc.), extensions seems to fail here too. With this much change going on regarding the user experience and the interface I will - sadly - switch back to firefox for now untill the v1.0 is released.




I want this feature too
opening a new tab should default to home page


Me too. That stupid photo is so NOT me it makes me NOT want to use the whole browser on desktop. Who ever thought it was a good idea to hard code a freaking picture on a start page?? I hated it from the second I saw it. It’s like someone dousing you in perfume that doesn’t suit you. Now I’ve downloaded Chrome themes Brave linked me to, but still that stupid photo?? Seriously, what the hell??


+1, or at least let us modify the front page with more settings.