New tab "in same tab group"

This is a feature for ergonomy of use in ordering and interacting with tabs in Android mobile devices.

Using the first tab created in a new tab-group it is not possible to open the first additional tab in the to-be-formed group of tabs.

There are two options, but both lead to opening a new tab in a new tab-group: new mother-tap, which eventually become a group or a single.

Those options are: through the settings menu-> new tab or using the tab-counter double-press pup menu.

There would be a third option, that one could came up with: just pressing the tab-counter once, boing back to “cards-menu”, where all groups are displayed, and prest the mother-tab to somehow “add” inside a new children-tab. However this is only possible in tab-group that has previously created.

BTW, scrolling with an empty tab-group or mother-tap DOESN’T make appear the bottom bar of child-tab-icon with the unique tab and the [+] option. That one would be some solution.

Other options is adding the option both in settings and tab-counter with tab within group.

That would improve some user experience and refine the browser ergonomy in mobile devices.

I’ve been thinking the same thing. Would love the ability to see tabs within the same group and I love that little + sign but it doesn’t really show up when I really need it. Both would ease navigation.

As a side note, I wanted to :heart: your post, but strangely, cannot see the option right now? :thinking: :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback, I only find one way of opening a second tab and it’s through a link, but that’s not enough… what 8f your reading something and want to jump to an additional tab and browse something related… I mean cureently you can’t inside the same tab-group…

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