"Open in new tab in group"

My problem is stated in the title, why “open in new tab” was changed to “Open in new tab in group”, who requested this? Atleast give an option to revert back to just ‘open in new tab’ & on top of it, the new tab layout is just amazing. We were already having trouble using our phones with just one hand and now this new opened tab layout makes it more difficult, :pray:please i request you to just give an option to revery back to as it was before. I just created an account to give my feedback here, this was for the android version.


Seconded. I’ve never personally found tab grouping useful in any browser but I realize I’m not everybody and there must be other people who like it. Currently in Brave mobile though there is no longer any option to open a link in a new non-group tab. That’s annoying. Additionally, when viewing a tab that is part of a group a new bar appears at the bottom of the screen showing icons for the other tabs in the group. This bar takes up screen space and there is no way to get rid of the bar without closing the group tabs. I love Brave and recommend it to everybody, but this tab grouping feature is currently half-baked.

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+1. Please just add back the option “Open in new Tab” (without Group) in the context menu. I can see tab groups beeing useful in some cases but nowhere near often enough to make it the default and only option.

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I agree with the other posts here. At least make it an option to not open tabs in groups. I really don’t see the benefits of this feature. It basically just makes Brave clumsier to use and reduces the already limited browsing space on my phone screen.

Please allow to disable the new group tabs :pray:

Go to the “brave://flags/#enable-tab-groups”.
Disable the option.
Relaunch your browser.

We have already considered this and implemented the option to disable – you should see this in the update to the 1.23x version of the browser:

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