Move "Open New Tab In Group" from top of context menu

If you have to force tab groups onto us, can you please at least not put it at the very top of the context menu? For many users, our muscle memory tells us that’s where the “Open in new tab” option is. I’ve personally accidentally created a tab group three times in the past ten minutes. I understand that some users actually enjoy this feature for whatever reason, but it would be appreciated if you could move it underneath the “Open in Private tab” option on the context menu. Thank you.

Agree. The top context menu item called “Open in new tab in group” seems to have been added in the most recent update. Horrible design choice. If you’re going to take away the ability to disable tab groups altogether, at least don’t put this lesser-used item at the top of the context menu. “Open in new tab” should be at the top, like it used to be, since 99% of the time when I long-press on a link, I simply want to open it in a new tab.
Please fix this!


Yes … please at least move the “Open in new tab in group” option (and who decided on the grammar for that???)… below the “Open in new tab” option.

I realise Chromium appears to have initiated this, but can it be edited (and the atrocious grammar corrected)?

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