New tab ads from outside my region

Every 2-3 days, for a whole day, I keep receiving new tab ads which are not included in the list here:

These ads are not paid, nor they are counted in the ads summary page.

This is happening regularly, at least once a week but, as of lately, more often.

I’m using 3 different computers and with different connections (home, office, mobile…) therefore its not a platform specific issue.

I’m from Italy. I’m calling out any other user, from Italy or anywhere else, who noticed this strange behaviour. Surely I must not be the only one!

PS: Today (9/1/2021) every 4th tab there is a “Proton Mail” ad. It’s not in the list and (understandeably) it’s not giving me any reward.

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Second day in a row. Today, I’m receiving new tab ad from a ‘STOIC’ token service which isn’t included in the list here:

It never happened before FOR TWO DAYS in a row to being redirected to ads outside my region, and that don’t give me a reward when seen/clicked. And yes, I’ve checked on two different PCs connected to different networks and it’s the same.

Can somebody from the staff look at this? Region: IT

Today, I don’t receive any new tab at all despite several campaigns are currently running:
And, yes: before posting this I verified on two different PCs connected to different networks.

In the last four days, during three I had issues with new tab ads, either showing the wrong ad (not paid) for my region or no ad at all.

This is not an individual account issue. Is anybody overseeing the ads campaigns in the various regions? I will keep coming here to post issues not to complain but to help the dev to track issues, but things really seems to go downhill recently. Each month I keep getting more issues.

Today, for the 5th time in 6 days, I’m redirected to ads outside my region and which aren’t paid! It’s again an ad by this NFT service called STOIC:

Needless to say, also today, before posting here, I waited till I could verify on 2 different PCs, running on different networks.

Today it’s 6th day out of 7 in which I keep on seeing ads from OUTSIDE my region (and that don’t give me rewards!) when I open new tabs.

Today I’m seeing this: ZenGo

How’s possible that nobody else is complaining? As in the past days, before posting, I verified on different PCs, connected to different networks, that the issue is present. Is there a place where I can contact somebody from Brave directly?

Here I am, also today, reporting that the issue is still going:

Today, every 4th tab, I’m redirected to a Proton Mail ad ( ) that doesn’t pay anything; of course, it’s not one included in the list for my region.

Again, just to be sure, I verified on different PCs, connected to different networks. How long till somebody from the support notices these issues I’m reporting for over one week?

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