New tab address bar blanked/cleared after loading

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open a new tab on 1.32.106 or possibly anything new in November 2021.
  2. Ctrl-v paste in a new address as the tab opens. Address bar fills, optionally hit enter to confirm.
  3. Browser ignores input.
  4. Browser does ‘some’ new tab rendering that is completely superfluous as it has been already informed in the UI of its purpose/task.
  5. The address bar is cleared/loses focus during its forced rendering setup
  6. User must wait 3 seconds as the browser builds the tab html rendering.
  7. User must repeat cut and paste into the UI.
  8. Finally then hit enter to again request site and browser retrieves site that should have been retrieved 4 seconds ago.

Expected result:
Get to the site as soon as possible and ignore whatever cutesy default new tab effort Brave is trying to do as it is superfluous.

  1. Open a new tab
  2. Brave detects that the address bar is filled
  3. Stop rendering default tab info to the tab and go to the selected site.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
~ 1.32.106

Additional Information:
This issue does seem to get fixed and then comeback every so many versions, so I would mark this more a QA issue and to build proper testing framework to catch it.

Not seeing the issue here.

Could you include a short screen recording showing the behavior?

What version of Windows are you on?

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