New search engine is rejected by brave settings

Despite following the procedure here:

my new added search engine what is:
is not allowed to be set as a default search engine.


Don’t know, are you following these instructions?

What’s happening?

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Spróbuj ponownie?


Have you tried searching with it at all, even just in a web page? It keeps returning a 404 for me in Brave, but not in Firefox. Are you seeing the same thing?

If so, I can look into this some more in a bit.

This I do not need for searching. I need to have it on the mouse right-click list in order to use it as an English-Polish dictionary. I used to always have a setting like this.

Anyway, I am reinstalling win10 again. There are more serious problems with win10 system so let’s put this issue aside for the time beeing.

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