Hello I am still defaulted to bing/goole even though my default says Brave is my default

once I have launched Brave it goes straight to Bing, any advice I have been trying to change my default search engine to Brave, in settings it is saying Google and no option to change it. when I type in the search bar
although it says that Brave is my default search engine (in the settings)
In the search engine I cannot change it when I search for brave any help is welcome thanks so much warm regards Menke Drenth


Search Engine used in the address bar

At the end of that string of characters, it says “Learn More” . . . and here is the “more:”

Hello thanks for your answer, I have been able to find the add a search engine, but now I am not able to add brave as a search engine, are you able to send me the exact name I put down for search engine, keyword and URL (with % in place of query.
Warm regards

Menke Drenth

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